Foo Fighters – S/T – VINYL LP


Release: 1995
Repress : 2016

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After Kurt Cobain’s suicide, no one expected much from Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, including Dave Grohl. Entering the studio on a lark, he wrote and performed every note on Foo Fighters save for one guitar solo (that’d be Greg Dulli on “X-tatic”). Grohl then produced 100 cassettes and gave them away, figuring that would be that. Such were the humble beginnings of Foo Fighters. The first three tracks here were radio staples and quickly established the Foos’ range: “This Is the Call” is hard-charging rock, and “Big Me” is so sunny it could be mistaken for a Beach Boys tune. “Floaty” is epic post-hardcore, while “For All the Cows” is sleazy bar rock.

Tracklist :

This Is A Call 3:54
I’ll Stick Around 3:53
Big Me 2:13
Alone + Easy Target 4:05
Good Grief 4:01
Floaty 4:30
Weenie Beenie 2:46
Oh, George 3:01
For All The Cows 3:30
X-Static 4:13
Wattershed 2:16
Exhausted 5:45

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Rock/Indie/Garage, Stoner/Grunge

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