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Released in 1991 on Boner Records, Bullhead is the Melvins’ third LP and follows the.course set on their previous excellent LP; Ozma. More catchy and exciting music blending Punk, Doom Metal and Grunge. This is the Melvins formula and it works. It is no wonder that the Melvins are hugely influential and Bullhead validates that assertion. They started to lengthen their songs out a bit on Bullhead but this does nothing to blunt the excitement. Check out “Zodiac” which is a riveting cut on this great album.


A1 Boris
A2 Anaconda
A3 Ligature
A4 It’s Shoved
B1 Zodiac
B2 If I Had An Exorcism
B3 Your Blessened
B4 Cow

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Noise/Math-Rock, Stoner/Grunge

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