Shannon And The Clams – Year Of The Spider – VINYL LP


Colored vinyl :Red with Black Smoke
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Two years ago, after a series of misfortunes left her questioning everything, Shannon Shaw did what anyone in the midst of such crisis would do: She visited an astrologist. The vocalist and bassist for the Oakland rock band Shannon and the Clams was advised to channel the power of Durga, a vigilant Hindu goddess who can be recognized by her eight arms; Shaw, a noted arachnophobe, caught onto this irony right away. “I was getting protection from the thing I feared the most,” she explained. These tentative but notable steps outside her comfort zone drive Shannon and the Clams’ sixth studio album, Year of the Spider.

Since forming in 2009, Shannon and the Clams have infused garage rock with flourishes of ‘60s doo-wop and neo-psychedelia; their last record, 2018’s Onion, was especially indebted to that era. On Year of the Spider, they dig even deeper into their old-school repertoire and its various off-shoots: “All of My Cryin’,” written and sung by guitarist Cody Blanchard, struts with a disco flair before bursting into ABBA-lite harmonies. The atmospheric synths of “Midnight Wine” approximate those of Suicide, while the eerie “Snakes Crawl” feels like a take on classic country. By incorporating a wider array of subgenres without losing their core identity, Shannon and the Clams create music that’s familiar without feeling redundant. [ …]

Tracklist :

A1 Do I Wanna Stay 4:28
A2 All Of My Cryin’ 2:29
A3 Midnight Wine 3:18
A4 I Need You Bad 3:03
A5 Year Of The Spider 2:30
A6 In The Hills, In The Pines 2:34
B1 Godstone 2:30
B2 Snakes Crawl 3:17
B3 Mary, Don’t Go 2:53
B4 Leaves Fall Again 2:39
B5 Flowers Will Return 3:21
B6 Crawl 2:19
B7 Vanishing 3:06

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