OFF! – Free LSD (colored) – VINYL LP


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Release 2022

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ᖷЯƎƎ ⅃Ƨꓷ.
The long-awaited 4th album from hardcore supergroup OFF!
“A heavy punk industrial free jazz soundtrack recording”
Vinyl includes deluxe Glow-in-the-dark Gatefold Edition w/ blotter lyric sheet on Translucent Electric Blue Vinyl.

Tracklist :

A1 Slice Up The Pie
A2 Time Will Come
A3 War Above Los Angeles
A4 Kill To Be Heard
A5 F
A6 Invisible Empire
A7 Circuitry’s God
A8 Ignored
A9 Black Widow Group
A10 L
B1 Muddy The Waters
B2 Murder Corporation
B3 Behind The Shifts
B4 Worst Is Yet To Come
B5 S
B6 Suck The Bones Dry
B7 Smoking Gun
B8 Peace Or Conquest
B9 Free LSD
B10 D

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