Great Falls – Objects Without Pain – VINYL 2LP


colored vinyl : silver
EAN : 0795154140114
Release date : 2023

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Read any article or comment thread about the Seattle noise-rock outfit GREAT FALLS and you’re likely to see descriptors like cathartic, heavy, crushing, and unhinged. Maybe even psychotic. And sure, those are all apt: For over a decade, vocalist/guitarist Demian Johnston and bassist Shane Mehling (who also played together in the early-2000s noisecore band PLAYING ENEMY and the experimental duo HEMINGWAY) have honed their sludgy, overwhelmingly intense brand of heaviness, punctuated by delectably discordant riffs, terrifyingly low, thwacking bass lines, and mesmerizingly tight percussion.

Track Listing:
1. Dragged Home Alive
2. Trap Feeding
3. Born As An Argument
4. Old Words Worn Thin
5. Spill Into The Aisle
6. Ceilings Inch Closer
7. The Starveling
8. Thrown Against The Waves

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Weight 510 g



Noise/Math-Rock, Punk/Hardcore

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