Green River – Rehab Doll (loser edition – translucent green) – VINYL 2LP


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The story of Seattle’s rise to global rock supremacy in the late ’80s and early ’90s begins with Green River. Made up of Jeff Ament (bass), Mark Arm (guitar/vocals), Bruce Fairweather (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), and Alex Shumway (drums), the quintet put out three 12”s and a 7” single during its brief existence. Green River’s influence on Seattle’s music scene spread far and wide thanks to the members’ dispersion into bands including Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Love Battery, as well as the punk-glam-sludge-rock songs they left behind.

“By ‘83, ‘84, there was definitely a movement that was happening within hardcore, like Black Flag slowing down for My War,” says Arm. “The Replacements and Butthole Surfers were rearing their heads, and they’re very different bands, but they’re not hardcore—the Replacements are pretty much straight-up rock, and Butthole Surfers were God knows what. Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising was around, and a lot of really interesting post-hardcore things were happening.”

Original Lp Remixed
A1 Forever Means
A2 Rehab Doll
A3 Swallow My Pride
A4 Together We’ll Never
A5 Smilin’ And Dyin’
B1 Porkfist
B2 Take A Dive
B3 One More Stitch
B4 10000 Things (Rehab Recovery)
B5 Hangin’ Tree (Rehab Recovery)
Reciprocal 8-Track Demos
C1 Rehab Doll
C2 Swallow My Pride
C3 Together We’ll Never
C4 Smilin’ And Dyin’
D1 Porkfist
D2 Take A Dive
D3 Somebody
D4 Queen Bitch

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