Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine Of Hell – Live At Roadburn – VINYL 2 LP


Colored Vinyl : Red Galaxy

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“Tilburg, NL’s Roadburn Festival has been such an important place for me and my evolution as an artist. The opportunity to perform Engine of Hell in full there in 2022 was the end of something… and the beginning of this whole new chapter in my life and art. I really do feel free in so many ways. I wanted to commemorate and honor the experience by making my Live at Roadburn album my first self-release in 13 years.” – Emma Ruth Rundle

Track Listing:
01. Return (Live at Roadburn 2022)
02. Blooms of Oblivion (Live at Roadburn 2022)
03. Body (Live at Roadburn 2022)
04. The Company (Live at Roadburn 2022)
05. Dancing Man (Live at Roadburn 2022)
06. Razor’s Edge (Live at Roadburn 2022)
07. Citadel (Live at Roadburn 2022)
08. In My Afterlife (Live at Roadburn 2022)
09. Pump Organ Song (Live at Roadburn 2022)

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