Nick Drake ‎- Five Leaves Left – VINYL LP


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“In contrast to the mythologising that often surrounds rock star deaths, the story of Nick Drake is not a remotely glamorous one. Instead, it is a story of desolation, obscurity and deep sadness. When he died in late 1974, his personal life had been marred by loneliness, depression and frustration, and his professional career had not been much better. His three studio albums critically ignored and not even given a second look by the public at large. Stricken with stage-fright, Drake’s lack of performance artistry meant he could rarely promote his songs in any conventional way. His few concerts were frequently shambolic, but weren’t even leavened with any comic aspects. People talked loudly throughout his concerts, and ignored him and the talent that was trying, unsuccessfully, to fight its way through Drake’s painfully introverted presence. (…)” –

Tracklist :

Time Has Told Me 3:56
River Man 4:28
Three Hours 6:01
Day Is Done 2:22
Way To Blue 3:05
‘Cello Song 3:58
The Thoughts Of Mary Jane 3:12
Man In A Shed 3:49
Fruit Tree 4:42
Saturday Sun 4:00

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