The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute (colored : red) – VINYL 3LP


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(3 LPs – side F etched vinyl)

A considerably more complex and ambitious album than its predecessor – four of its five tracks lasted over ten minutes in length – FRANCES THE MUTE wasn’t recorded “live” by an ensemble, but with the individual musicians recording the parts Omar had scripted for them separately. Being much more than just a ‘DE-LOUSED Part Two’, the album thrills with its lush sound, the depth of detail, breadth of instrumentation and its fevered intensity.

Cygnus….Vismund Cygnus 13:02
The Widow 5:50
L’ Via L’ Viaquez 12:21
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore 13:09
Cassandra Gemini [I] 4:45
Cassandra Gemini [II] 6:40
Cassandra Gemini [III] 2:55
Cassandra Gemini [IV] 7:41
Cassandra Gemini [V] 4:59
Cassandra Gemini [VI] 3:48
Cassandra Gemini [VII] 0:46
Cassandra Gemini [VIII] 0:53

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