Sleep – The Clarity – VINYL LP


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The Clarity (Southern Lord) is a reissue from back in 2014 that will come in special vinyl designs. For those of you who missed out on this gem, the track from the get go is funky as hell. It starts with this fun progression of bright and deep notes, just to make way for some groovy and haze ridden riffs. Still with that signature Sleep drone effect, this is one of the band’s more stand out tracks. Whether it’s through crazy long singles, or music that shifts from an atmosphere of chaotic drones to dragging, Sleep have always found unique ways to spin their jams. The Clarity is one of the best examples for this, for it takes the base of stoner pleasure, and turns it into a wild and adventurous time, with a mist of darkness all around it.

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Doom/Sludge/Drone, Stoner/Grunge

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