Mudweiser – The Call

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Label : Head Records
Ref Label : HR056
Release : 15.06.2022



 In 2009 Mudweiser released “Holy Shit”, a first demo as a first album and the tone was immediately set. Mudweiser exhibits a stoner rock as dirty and fat as its name suggests. The EP “Drug Queens” will follow in 2011 before Said, founding guitarist, leaves the band to live his “American dream”. He will be replaced by Ole for the next two albums: the double LP “Angel Lust” in 2013 and “So Said The Snake” in 2018.

During these 10 years Mudweiser travels France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium alongside Nebula, Napalm Death, The Datsuns but also with other outstanding bands of the French stoner and heavy rock scene: 7 Weeks, Hangsman’s Chair, Loading Data, Bukowski, Walnut Grove DC…

In 2019, at the very moment when Ole prefers to leave the band to devote himself to his recording studio and new projects, Said is back. Eight years after his departure, he naturally takes his place, the guitar inflated to block, what to relaunch the machine towards a new album.

With “The call”, in 8 tracks and 35 minutes, we hear Mudweiser return with delight to its basics. In more aggressive compositions and a sound more dirty than ever, riffs follow each other to break the neck, ignited by the massive groove of the bass / drums well oiled by Jay and Xav. With his voice, like a preacher perched on the edge of blues and heavy, Reuno embodies lyrics where black novels, B movies and unmentionable experiences are intertwined.

The recording and mixing of this 5th record was entrusted to Cyrille Gachet (Year Of No Light, Monarch, Verdun) and as a worthy master watchmaker, Serge Morattel from the Rec Studio in Geneva (Lofofora, Knut, Impure Wilhelmina) took care of the mastering.

Don’t resist any longer to the call of Mudweiser, your inner demon demands it! Dive your head in their rough and psychedelic mud for a trip without return to the land of flamboyant losers where debauchery and decadence reign as dominating mistresses.

Tracklist :

A1 Invitation 04:23
A2 High again 04:13
A3 Blasted forever 03:12
A4 Sister Mary 05:07
B1 Daughters 06:06
B2 Reckless dream 03:11
B2 The Hunt 04:00
B4 Sad man 04:49

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Vinyl, CD

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