Sepultura – Beneath The Remains (expanded edition) – VINYL 2LP


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Beneath the Remains might begin deceptively with the title track’s ghostly, fingerpicked ambient intro, but Sepultura hit the detonator soon enough, and the explosive metal onslaught doesn’t relent for the album’s duration. The kick drum on “Lobotomy” alone is enough to give you whiplash, and the nearly six-minute “Stronger Than Hate” will pummel even the most hardened listener into submission. But if you can make it through, it’s worth every minute: It’s a muscled-up, unforgiving testament to thrash metal’s omnipotence.


A1 Beneath The Remains
A2 Inner Self
A3 Stronger Than Hate
A4 Mass Hypnosis
B1 Sarcastic Existence
B2 Slaves Of Pain
B3 Lobotomy
B4 Hungry
B5 Primitive Future

C1 Beneath The Remains
C2 Inner Self (Instrumental)
C3 Stronger Than Hate (Instrumental)
C4 Mass Hypnosis
C5 Troops Of Doom (Live 9/22/1989)
D1 Sarcastic Existence
D2 Slaves Of Pain (Instrumental)
D3 Lobotomy
D4 Hungry (Instrumental)
D5 Primitive Future

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Black/Death/Grind, Metal

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