Exhumed – Horror – VINYL LP


Colored Vinyl : Electric Blue With Splatter
Repress 2022

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21 years since their murderous debut, EXHUMED rise once again with gore-obsessed death metal on their new brand new album – Horror. Aptly titled, Horror is an exploration of all things macabre, as the undisputed pioneers of neck-breaking riffs plow through 15 of the band’s most intense tracks to date. Nightmares meet shred, as the speed-inducing track “Ravenous Cadavers” highlight EXHUMED’s penchant for blazing, face melting guitar work, while “Naked, Screaming and Covered in Blood” & “Playing With Fear” elevate EXHUMED to levels of grind unheard of since ‘Gore Metal’!

A1 Unsound 1:55
A2 Ravenous Cadavers 1:50
A3 Scream Out In Fright 1:47
A4 The Red Death 2:56
A5 Utter Mutilation Of Your Corpse 0:07
A6 Slaughter Maniac 2:22
A7 Ripping Death 1:20
A8 Clawing 1:49
B1 Naked, Screaming, & Covered In Blood 2:17
B2 Playing With Fear 2:20
B3 Dead Meat 0:33
B4 Rabid 1:55
B5 In The Mouth Of Hell 1:37
B6 Shattered Sanity 1:14
B7 Re-Animated 2:08

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