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One would think after a while, Motörhead’s brand of punked up sleazy rock metal would get tiring. Sure, there are times when they do sound a bit worse for wear, even though there are always a few good songs to thrash along to. And every now and then this old dog just rips the opposition apart with albums that harken the halcyon days of the early 1980’s. We Are Motörhead is definitely one such album.

At its heart we have Motörhead at their most metallic. As you would expect there are still plenty of punk and rock bits but overall this is pure speed metal bliss. The riffs are, for the most part, fast and furious and even at times even modern in a late 1990’s kind of way. But, importantly, they maintain that memorable Motörhead vibe the band has been known for.

There is an aggression and energy here that even young bands struggle to attain. Lemmy’s trademark delivery is superb and would not be out of place on Overkill or Ace Of Spaces. He does tone it down for the softer and heartfelt “One More Fucking Time” which is an absolutely Motörhead classic in this author’s mind.

If one has to fault the album, it would be in its relative short running time of a mere 38 minutes. The title track pummels along and then nothing, despite the listener being ready for more furious yet catchy riffage, more Lemmy and certainly more beer. In many ways that’s not a criticism. After all like most good things in life, you want just enough to leave you wanting more!

01. See Me Burning
02. Slow Dance
03. Stay Out Of Jail
04. God Save The Queen
05. Out To Lunch
06. Wake The Dead
07. One More Fucking Time
08. Stagefright/Crash And Burn
09. (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve
10. We Are Motorhead

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