Man Or Astro Man – Defcon 5… 4… 3… 2… 1 (colored : blue) – VINYL LP


Colored : blue vinyl
EAN13 : 78 93 97 829 516
Release 2013
Repress 2022

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!!!! New and unplayed but with a little hit in the corner. i can send a picture !!!!

Man or Astro-Man? have returned to earth for the human masses and after years of hibernation they are now unveiling their finest recorded work to date. It has been nearly 12 years since the band last released their intergalactic sonic wave forms, and the new album, Defcon 5…4…3…2…1 is here now with a striking validity that the band is unquestionably as both tuneful and energetic as they ever have been. The record combines ever-familiar Astro audio tones and the well-established playing ferocity that MOAM? are known for, but yet now, there is an undeniably evolution to the band that is both intuitive, logical and well crafted. Defcon is here and is here with imminent purpose.

Cut direct to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service

Pressed at RTI

2022 repress on BLUE VINYL

Tracklisting :

A12 Defcon 5
A11 Antimatter Man
A10 All Systems To Go
A9 Disintegrate
A8 Defcon 4
A7 Codebreaker Seventy Eight
B6 Communication Breakdown Pt. II
B5 Defcon 3
B4 Electric Arc
B3 Defcon 2
B2 New Cocoon
B1 Defcon 1

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