Fear Factory – Re-Industrialized – VINYL 2LP


Colored Vinyl : Grey

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In 2012, Fear Factory released their ninth studio album, ‘The Industrialist’. The album is a concept record that tells the story of a machine that becomes self-aware and turns on its creators. The album features a mix of heavy, crushing riffs and electronic elements, with Bell’s powerful vocals soaring over the top. The original recording featured a drum machine and now the band is finally happy to present the music with real drums, recorded by current drummer Mike Heller.

Tracklist :

A1 The Industrialist 6:07
A2 Recharger 4:09
A3 New Messiah 4:30
B1 God Eater 5:57
B2 Depraved Mind Murder 4:43
B3 Virus Of Faith 4:34
B4 Difference Engine 3:37
C1 Disassemble 4:12
C2 Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed 1:58
C3 Enhanced Reality 5:32
C4 Human Augmentation 9:32
D1 Fade Away (Recharger Remix By Rhys Fulber And Dino Cazares) 6:29
D2 Noise In The Machine (Difference Engine Remix By Blush Response) 4:39
D3 Landfill 3:46
D4 Saturation 4:16
D5 Passing Complexion 3:07

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