Eryn Non Dae. – Abandon Of The Self – VINYL 2-LP


Release: 2018

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Let’s not beat about the bush: “Abandon Of The Self” is a beast of a release!
Since forming in 2001, gifted French band ERYN NON DAE. have created a uniquely claustrophobic universe and this stellar fourth opus is a monumental wave of melancholy and despair – a fascinating combination of post-apocalyptic fury and vast ambient passages.
The most amazing thing about “Abandon Of The Self” is the exceptional ease with which ERYN NON DAE. place an inventive, water-tight rhythm-section at the heart of staggeringly complex songwriting. Their music is beautifully structured, driven by extraordinary guitar manipulations and an intense, wide-ranging vocal performance…imagine the hybrid creature born from a dangerous tripartite marriage between MESHUGGAH, TOOL and GODFLESH.
The band describes their own soundworld as “complex and brutal structures, black and apocalyptic moods, an obscure music where dissonant compositions carry an in-your-face, aggressive vocal style…a trip into the depths of the soul.”
What more can we say?

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