Egypt – Angelic Darkness – VINYL 7-inch

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Release: 2015

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Some bands weren’t meant to last nor to leave loads of music behind them. But that doesn’t necessarily means they weren’t worthy of leaving their mark in the great book of extreme metal history… One such band was EGYPT. No, not the great stoner band from Dakota whose two albums had been reissued on vinyl by DOOMENTIA but one of the early 90’s Swedish death-metal scene most intriguing alas short-lived project.

Initially, the whole thing was a way for Janne Rudberg to “move away from the typical death-metal sound” that was all the rage back then while retaining its rawness and heaviness. By that time, the guitarist had already been playing and doing demos with EXHUMED, MASTICATION, and MORPHEUS and he had just joined EXCRUCIATE so EGYPT was meant to try out something groovier and experimental. After recruiting Per Ax from ECRUCIATE on drums, the two of them fucked around in the rehearsal room long enough to come up with two songs later on recorded at the legendary Sunlight studio with two session vocalists, Mattias Parkkila from MALFEITOR and David Brink from MORPHEUS. Yet somehow, despite it being by far Rudberg most mature and varied material to date, those two tracks remained in the vaults until 2010 where they made their first official appearance as bonus tracks for the ‘Wicked Material Sanity’ split compilation.

Sadly, although the band was meant to re-enter the Sunlight realm in January 1994 to commit to tape a full album, they somehow disbanded two months prior due to some of its members going through some kind of “midlife crisis” as Rudberg puts it these days, leaving “Angelic Darkness” and “The Book with No Pages” as their sole heritage. But talk about great promises left unfulfilled… Never one to let great music die, DOOMENTIA has chosen to reissue that long-lost session as a stand alone release so all you Swedish death-metal freaks, and as a matter of fact death metal fans in general, can once again taste the wrath of EGYPT!

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