Don Caballero – What Burns Never Return – VINYL 2LP


Released : 1998
EAN : 0036172088515

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Yet another testament of pure musical genius from the wizards of Don Caballero. This album — probably their greatest effort to date and a keystone instrumental album — will make musicians stand open-mouthed in absolute amazement, wondering just how such music is written. Insane rhythms change time and key without a second thought — beautiful, off-time, yet somehow interlocking notes and melodies fill the ears in a barrage of panicked sound. At one minute dreamy, soothing and thought-expanding, at another spastic and mind-pounding. What Burns Never Returns is definitely something that has to be heard to be believed — and it could most definitely alter the way you think about music forever.

Tracklist :

A1 Don Caballero 3
A2 In The Abscence Of Strong Evidence To The Contrary, One May Step Out Of The Way Of The Charging Bull
B1 Delivering The Groceries At 138 Beats Per Minute
B2 Slice Where You Live Like Pie
C1 Room Temperature Suite
C2 The World In Perforated Lines
D1 From The Desk Of Elsewhere Go
D2 June Is Finally Here

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