Death Cab For Cutie – The Blue EP – VINYL LP


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Released : 2019

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2018’s Thank You For Today was Death Cab For Cutie’s first album completely divorced from guitarist/producer Chris Walla and the first where they didn’t really try anything new. Offering proficiency and easy nostalgia over emotional investment, it was a safe-bet vote for fan service over the flawed experiments of Kintsugi and Codes and Keys. On its best (or at least its most familiar) moments, longtime fans could close their eyes and briefly forget that “Black Sun” ever happened.

The dullest Death Cab single in their history by a wide margin, “Black Sun” was the band’s attempt to endear themselves to KROQ neighbors Muse and Imagine Dragons, inflating their lyrics with meaningless portent and their arrangements with blown-out solos and production befitting a guy named Rich Costey. The disconnect with Gibbard’s bashful vocals made “Black Sun” the equivalent of a Duplass brother donning a CGI-sculpted muscle suit for a Marvel movie.

And yet on The Blue EP, Gibbard seems to have taken the commercial reception of “Black Sun” as a mandate for more of the same. Where he used to find indirect ways to sneak brute force into his writing, here he moves in lockstep with the band’s bolder sound, writing in the biggest and broadest strokes. A rock band gets big enough and they eventually write a song like “Before the Bombs,” which pits an anonymous couple against some unspecified atrocity in an unnamed part of the world. What is “the only thing” the bombs couldn’t take away from the doomed lovers? I’ll give you one guess…

Tracklist :

A1 To The Ground
A2 Kids In ’99
A3 Man In Blue
B1 Before The Bombs
B2 Blue Bloods

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