05 May 2017
May 5, 2017

Le Skeleton Band joins Head Records









We are pleased to announce that LE SKELETON BAND joined the Head Records roster for the release of their new album “Tigre-Teigne”!

“Le Skeleton Band rocks clubs and speakeasies from all over Europe for almost 10 years in the manner of a decadent circus unpacking its skeletons, banjo and double bass upfront. Playing a three-time blues out of the New Orleans swamps. Children of a Tom Waits whiskey in hand, slumped in a rocking chair on the steps of an old and decrepit wooden house. Imagine that the band 16 Horsepower would have made the soundtrack of the HBO series Carnivàle : the 30s, the great depression, the fight of good against evil …
This fourth studio album was recorded in Italy at the Outside Inside Studio (The Dead Brothers, Movie Star Junkies, The Pussy Warmers, Mark Sultan (BBQ)…) and will be released on a double-vinyl and a digipack CD with booklet and lyrics, 11 tracks for 45 minutes total running. The artwork is from Jean-Luc Navette, artist with whom they have already worked on their last comic-concert. The band sings in French, English or Portuguese, they are offering us a travel across black oceans and forgotten countries full of silly ghost and dancing shadows.”

Tigre-Teigne is already available here!