Doom / Sludge – Malmö, SW
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ENG – In the year of 2006 Viktor Forss (drums) and Dan Hedlund (guitar) started making trips to their rehersalspace, to get away from humanity and worship slow riffs. Time went on and songs started taking shape. The idea of Pyramido got a bit more serious so they asked Henrik Wendel to join on bass and got in touch with Ronnie Källback do do the vocals. The band wrote more songs in 2007 and these songs found their way onto Pyramidos first and only demo. The band started to make liveshows in the Malmö-area and word got around. In 2008 Pyramido got an offer to record their debutalbum and release it through Total Rust Music. Songs were written and in spring of 2009 “Sand” was out for the masses to hear, five songs of slow boogiefied hardcorepunk. The album got some really good reviews and the band played around Scandinavia and did a eurotour. After recording the album Pyramido broadened their sound by moving Wendel to guitar and got their good friend Dan Bengtsson to handle the bassduties. In the glorious year of 2010 Pyramido released two split-LP´s. One is shared with swedish doomdroners SUMA and is out through Head-Records and the other one is shared with the german crustpunksquad GUN MOB.