Zero – Hungry Dogs(In The Backyard) – LP


Label : Ici D’ailleurs – Ref Label : – Style : Rock/Indie/Garage – Année : 2011 – EAN13 : 3 70 03 987 074 | 95

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The third album often takes on a symbolic dimension. It is often considered as a turning point to the maturity. But is not the maturity the worst thing we can wish a group who with each release reaches a new stage. Instead of talking about maturity, we will prefer to talk about harmony. Hungry Dogs (in the backyard) is made up of without complexe and restraint musicians. Their desire to mix sound arranging with a rock & roll feeling will never appear as evident as on this third album. Hungry Dogs (in the backyard) is direct, frontal. It is a disc that directly goes to the essential without forgetting to sprinkle here and there some small sound discoveries. The band finds the stability and accuracy that make big rock & roll album. It results in a simple and immediate catcher but also and enough rich and intelligent so that we fell the need to immerse ourselves again. It is important to notice that never ERIC ALDeA (Bastard, Narcophony etc) will have as well fulfill his role of vocalist. The singing really finds its place, becomes more impressive and perfectly fits the compositions. Kind of impact point between the shade and the light, Zero enjoys playing on atmospheres and textures. As a result they bring their music to areas in perpetual motions, where the facility has not its place. Hungry Dogs (in the backyard) is not the album of the maturity, no, it is only the best opus of the group before the next one without no doubt.


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