Xiu Xiu – Dear God, I Hate Myself – VINYL LP + 7 inch


Deluxe Edition
EAN : 0759656069168
Released : 2010
Reissue : 2022

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The two biggest constants throughout Xiu Xiu’s catalog are honesty and evolution. This remains true with Dear God, I Hate Myself as it delivers a look at responsibility, fear, healing, and societal roles wrapped in rich gothic pop music. The sound is still distinctly Xiu Xiu, but Jamie Stewart’s vocals are finally effortless paired with vibrant melodies full of subtlety and the distinct sonic accents expected of this anticipated Xiu Xiu release. The result is a record that proves that art can be pop and pop can challenge you to look inside yourself. Each new Xiu Xiu release has evolved alongside the lives of Jamie Stewart and company. On this record you’ll find more intensity and introspection than ever before, but sonically and lyrically it continues to move forward with a subtly new perspective — hyper-focused yet aware of a larger, external picture unfolding. The pace of the record grips you, the music offers layers of detail, and the themes focus on not just the past or stark present but hint towards vespers of the future as well. Dear God, I Hate Myself will challenge you and force you to look inside yourself, but only after you get lost in the music. It’s passionate, it’s energetic, and it affects you. (Kill Rock Stars)

Tracklist :

A1 Gray Death
A2 Chocolate Makes You Happy
A3 Apple For A Brain
A4 House Sparrow
A5 Hyunhye’s Theme
A6 Dear God, I Hate Myself
B1 Secret Motel
B2 Falkland Rd.
B3 The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
B4 Cumberland Gap
B5 This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)
B6 Impossible Feeling
C1 The Ropes Have Pulled Tight
D1 Cute Pee Pee

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Weight 350 g

7 inch, LP


Experimental/Electro, Rock/Indie/Garage

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