Victim’s Family – 4 Great Thrash Songs – VINYL LP


0721616016215 / Release:1995

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The final chapter in their catalog is this posthumous live album. Recorded in Europe during their final overseas tour, this more than acknowledges the band’s legendary live shows and non-stop roller coaster pace.

“About a year ago I called Alternative Tentacles in the hope of setting up an interview with Victims Family and what I found out put me in an instant depression: the band had called it quits for good and would probably never reform again. I was devastated. Victims Family are probably one of the best and most original bands of the last 10 years. The fact that they’re not a part of everyone’s record collection is a crime. 4 Great Thrash Songs is not a 4-song goodbye EP or anything; it’s a 23-song live performance from their final show in Amsterdam in ’94. I’ve never and will never experience a band so creative, jazzy and unique yet so fucking tight. Man did these guys have the full package, they wrote fresh and often hilarious poignant political lyrics, they wrote distinguishable & imaginative songs which they played to perfection. How Primus can become millionaires and Victims Family break up in relative obscurity is unfathomable to me. This has all the “hits” like “Anti-Satan Song For Mom”, “Naive Children” and “Product.” If like me you’re a devout Victims Family fan mourning their breakup this will help ease their pain – if you’re not a fan what the hell is your problem?” – All The Answers

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