Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Slaughter On First Avenue – VINYL 2LP


Vinyl colored : Transparent Black
Barcode : 0803341578685
Ucle Acid And The Deadbeats Official Live Album

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The feat of Kevin Starrs aka Uncle Acid, was to create an entirely new sonic realm with familiar ingredients drawn from the gloomy, horrific facet of pop culture. Just like Sabbath before them, who wrote sinister songs in response to horror movies of their time, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats plunge us into a surreal world of ritual daggers, witches, black masses and torture (“Blood Lust”), messianic neuroticism (“Mind Control”), maniacal bloodthirsty murder (“The Night Creeper”) and Orwellian dystopia (“Wasteland”). These heroes of darkness have consolidated their reputation thanks to numerous tours across the USA, Europe and Australia, culminating in a 16-date support tour for Black Sabbath’s return in 2013.


1. I See Through You
2. Waiting for Blood
3. Death’s Door

4. Shockwave City
5. Thirteen Candles
6. Dead Eyes of London
7. Pusher Man

8. Ritual Knife
9. Slow Death
10. Crystal Spiders

11. Blood Runner
12. Desert Ceremony
13. I’ll Cut You Down
14. No Return

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