Ulcerate – Shrines Of Paralysis – VINYL 2LP


Colored Vinyl: Black Inside Half’n Half With Splatter

Release 2016
Repress 2024

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Paralysis spans eight tracks of singular death metal, incorporating a wider range of styles and ideas than ever before. Influences both within and beyond metal abound: organic, inventive phrasings and novel compositional techniques round out a thundering package of death, doom, and black metal stylings. As is characteristic of the band, Shrines Of Paralysis is about much more than just the music. The production, themes, and atmosphere all shape ULCERATE‘s music, and help guide the way through a highly evocative palette of dark and light passages, subtly dramatic rhythmic manipulation, and unparalleled technical heaviness. The band’s most cohesive and powerful release to date.



1. Abrogation 05:50
2. Yield to Naught 07:44
3. There Are No Saviours 08:04
4. Shrines of Paralysis 09:25
5. Bow to Spite 01:55
6. Chasm of Fire 08:07
7. Extinguished Light 08:43
8. End the Hope 07:52


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