Thurston Moore / John Moloney – Full Bleed – VINYL LP


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For their latest spiritual odyssey, Thurston Moore and John Moloney deliver the volcanic and violent maelstrom, Full Bleed. But unlike the helter-skelter out-jazz of Caught on Tape (“Full bore savage highway stuff, the mind exploding with wall melting emotion,” says Moore/Moloney about that platter), Full Bleed collects nine Herculean sludgefeasts dripping of gnarly metal-damaged heaviosity and punk-jazz skronk-splattered fury, transmitted in an alien language only this duo can convey. “They became songs as they were played,” Moore/Moloney explain about their writing process. “Composed on the fiery tongue, like how all real cool improv needs to be experienced.” And as far as assigning actual names to the songs? “We titled them to identify them as distinct ‘songs’ because that is what they need to be to survive in this fucked landscape of politician dung patrol. They became snakes.”

Tracklist :

A1 Age Limit
A2 Nothing Glamorous
A3 Full Bleed
A4 Self-Rule
A5 Arguing With A Balloon
B1 Dispute
B2 Reverse Funeral
B3 Unsupervised
B4 Rubber Grandma

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Experimental/Electro, Rock/Indie/Garage

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