The Strokes – The New Abnormal – VINYL LP


vinyl color : Red
EAN : 194397058819
Released : 2020

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[…] The New Abnormal, the Strokes’ sixth album and first in seven years, mostly just feels like a hangover. It’s sluggish and slight, and the strongest hooks are so familiar that they require additional writing credits for the ’80s hits they copy note-for-note (Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” in “Bad Decisions,” Psychedelic Furs’ “The Ghost in You” in “Eternal Summer”). Of course, the Strokes have never been subtle with their references—that’s part of the fun—but they’ve become increasingly uninterested in the tight, classic songcraft that once felt entirely their own. With producer Rick Rubin, a presence so hands-off as to feel merely symbolic, their signature sound is rendered as background music, a set of bleary-eyed mood pieces, all hovering around the five-minute mark before fizzling out with a shrug. […]

Tracklist :

A1 The Adults Are Talking 4:46
A2 Selfless 4:02
A3 Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus 3:54
A4 Bad Decisions 4:46
A5 Eternal Summer 6:20
B6 At The Door 5:10
B7 Why Are Sundays So Depressing 4:28
B8 Not The Same Anymore 5:46
B9 Ode To The Mets 5:50

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