The Stooges – S/T – CD

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0075596066723 / Release:1969 Repress:1988

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Produced by John Cale, the Stooges’ primitive eponymous debut was released in 1969, and while it generated some attention in the underground press, it barely sold any copies. During the recording of the Stooges’ second album, members of the band were introduced to heroin, which quickly took a heavy toll on the group. As the Stooges prepared to release their sophomore album, every member sank deeper into substance abuse (except for Ron Asheton, who became increasingly frustrated with his bandmates as instruments and gear were pawned to pay for drugs), and their excess eventually surfaced in their concerts, not only through Iggy’s antics, but also in the fact that the band could barely keep a simple, two-chord riff afloat.

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