The Psychotic Monks – Pink Colour Surgery – VINYL 2LP


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As their name would suggest, The Psychotic Monks have always been a little out-there. Their 2017 debut Silence Slowly & Madly Shines saw the Paris collective establish a trademark blend of stark experimentalism and swaggering post-punk that was boldly built upon by claustrophobic 2020 follow-up Private Meaning First. And if fans were expecting the end of lockdown to precipitate a swerve into sunnier territory, they’ve got another thing coming. Because third album Pink Colour Surgery is the their coldest, weirdest, most unhinged offering to date.
Tracklist :

A1 (Pre-Enter)
A2 Post-Post-
A3 Gamble And Dangle
B1 (Bird’s Part)
B2 Crash
B3 Imagerie
C1 (88)
C2 Décors
D1 (Gestures)
D2 All That Fall
D3 Location-Memory
D4 (Trap S’Drib)

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Noise/Math-Rock, Rock/Indie/Garage

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