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The Phoenix, Arizona-based act TEMPEL was originally formed as a full ensemble before pairing down in 2006 to its two present members, guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Wenzel and drummer Rich Corle. The streamlined duo then began experimenting at Wenzel’s self-run recording studio, Arrowhead Studio, where they fused together their distinctive sound — thunderous instru-metal that mixes the musicality of progressive, black, death and post-metal into one mammoth sonic cocktail.

Their self-released debut, “On The Steps of the Temple,” caught the eyes and ears of Prosthetic Records, who re-released the stunning album in 2014 to colossal acclaim from critics and fans alike. Lauded as “one of the darkest, most chilling releases in instrumental metal” (Fear.net), the six-track record featured just over 53 minutes of towering riffs, crushing drums and apocalyptic compositions that effortlessly “combined elements of doom, post-metal, sludge, death and black metal and cinematic scores” (Outburn).

TEMPEL have spent the past two years pushing musical boundaries to create “The Moon Lit Our Path,” their most momentous and intense work to date. Featuring five impassioned tracks that command the listener’s full attention, the album will be released worldwide via Prosthetic Records on June 16. “We poured ourselves into this album,” says Wenzel. “The new album represents a big evolution in all aspects of our work.” Adds Corle, “The goal was to make sure everything was constantly moving in these songs. We didn’t want anything to interrupt the forward momentum. At the same time, we wanted to work in all the different types of metal we love that we didn’t feel were represented on the debut.”

As for the future, TEMPEL will continue to focus on their art and creative process. “Making the new album has been both exhausting and exhilarating. We feel like this is just the beginning for us. This is the album we wanted to make all along, and that only makes us want to push ourselves even harder for the next chapter” says Wenzel.

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