Sweep The Leg Johnny / Rumah Sakit – Split – 2-CD


Label : Sick Room – Ref Label : srrr010cd – Style : Noise/Math-Rock – Année : – EAN13 :

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Sweep The Leg Johnny is from Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rumah Sakit was an instrumental rock band from San Francisco, California, United States

CD1-1 Sweep The Leg Johnny– Please Send Me Roses Before I Am Dead
CD1-2 Sweep The Leg Johnny– The Fine Wrinkles, We Have All Of Them
CD1-3 Sweep The Leg Johnny– Walking Home On The Emergency Bed
CD1-4 Sweep The Leg Johnny– Sometimes My Balls Feel Like Tits – Part One
CD1-5 Sweep The Leg Johnny– The Blizzard Of ’99
CD1-6 Sweep The Leg Johnny– Bloodlines
CD2-1 Rumah Sakit– Horrible Jokes
CD2-2 Rumah Sakit– New Underwear Dance
CD2-3 Rumah Sakit– No One Likes A Grumpy Cripple
CD2-4 Rumah Sakit– Bring On The Cobras
CD2-5 Rumah Sakit– I Can’t See Anything When I Close My Eyes
CD2-6 Rumah Sakit– Stomachache Due To The Sincere Belief That The Rest Of My Band Is Trying To Kill Me
CD2-7 Rumah Sakit– Go Horsey Go

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