Swans – Love Of Life – VINYL LP


repress 2015
Includes Poster & Digital Copy


Like its predecessor, White Light from the Mouth of Infinity, Love of Life was out of print for a long time and had not been reissued until December 2015. Six of the eleven songs appear on the Various Failures compilation, and a further four appear on the Forever Burned compilation. These two compilations therefore contain all the material on this release, except the Jarboe composition “She Cries (For Spider)”, as well as tracks 1 and 9.

The cover art is a painting by Deryk Thomas. All of the untitled segues, listed as both “(—)” and “(—)”, are credited to the band Beautiful People LTD, which is a one-off collaboration between Jarboe and then-Swans bass player Lary 7.


1.”(—)”Jarboe, Lary Seven 0:17
2.”Love of Life” 3:41
3.”The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed by the Sea” 4:32
4.”(—)”Jarboe, Seven 0:37
5.”(—)”Jarboe, Seven 2:06
6.”The Other Side of the World” Gira, Jarboe 4:40
7.”Her” 5:24
8.”The Sound of Freedom” 4:34
9.”(—)”Jarboe, Seven 0:34
10.”Amnesia” 4:19
11.”Identity” 4:31
12.”(—)”Jarboe, Seven 1:02
13.”In the Eyes of Nature” 4:42
14.”She Crys (For Spider)”Jarboe 4:57
15.”God Loves America” 3:43
16.”(—)”Jarboe, Seven 1:20


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