Suffocation – Suffocation – VINYL LP


Colored vinyl : Black Inside Royal Blue with Metallic Silver, Black and White Splatter
Repress 2023
997 copies

EAN : 0781676500710

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The legendary SUFFOCATION have come blasting back to the forefront of the genre they helped to create with their new, self-titled full-length. Universally regarded as the best live death metal band in the world, Suffocation captures the intensity of their concert juggernaut and administers a savage, eleven-track beating. As simply stated as the title itself, it’s all here; the relentless speed, the surgical precision, the crushing brutality, and the inhuman, genre-defining vocals that have made SUFFOCATION the most influential band in death metal, period. The gods of death metal are back and Suffocation casts their long and storied shadow of influence even farther.

Tracklist :

A1 Oblivion
A2 Abomination Reborn
A3 Redemption
A4 Bind Torture Kill
A5 Misconcieved
A6 Translucent Patterns Of Delirium
B7 Creed Of The Infidel
B8 Regret
B9 Entrails Of You
B10 The End Of Ends
B11 Prelude To Repulsion

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