Soulfly – Savages – VINYL 2LP


Colored vinyl : Gold
Release 2013
Repress 2023

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Savages is the ninth studio album from groove metallers Soulfly. Max Cavalera recorded six albums with former band Sepultura, so the legacy of his worldly thrash metal is very much swinging in favour of Soulfly. I have to tell you that my knowledge of the band’s back catalogue actually stopped after album number two, Primitive, some 13 years ago. So why am I giving this album my attention? Well, because I fancied listening to some damn heavy music and Soulfly fitted my craving perfectly. I’d forgotten just how absurdly heavy they are/were though so my first listen really was quite an experience. Apologies in advance to long-term fans who may know the back catalogue inside out, at least we’ll agree on one thing, Savages is superb.

Tracklist :
A1 Bloodshed
A2 Cannibal Holocaust
A3 Fallen
B1 Ayatollah Of Rock ‘N’ Rolla
B2 Master Of Savagery
B3 Spiral
C1 This Is Violence
C2 K.C.S.
C3 El Comegente
D1 Soulfliktion
D2 F**k Reality
D3 Soulfly IX

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