Sonic Youth – Dirty Box – VINYL 4-LP


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Sonic Youth’s landmark 1992 album Dirty was re-released in a double-CD deluxe edition package by Universal Records in April, making it part of a series that includes classic albums by Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and The Who. The corresponding quadruple-LP box set on the band’s own Goofin’ Records imprint includes: the original 15 album tracks; nearly two dozen bonus tracks culled from B-sides (“Genetic,” “Hendrix Necro,” “The Destroyed Room,” “Is It My Body,” “Personality Crisis,” “The End Of The End Of The Ugly” and the eight-minute epic “Tamra”), outtakes (“Stalker,” “Youth Against Fascism” and “Wish Fulfillment”), and rehearsal tapes from the period (the previously released “Little Jammy Thing” and previously unreleased songs “Lite Damage,” “Dreamfinger,” “Barracuda,” “New White Kross,” “Guido,” “Moonface,” “Poet In The Pit” and “Theoretical Chaos”); an eye-watering trove of full-color artwork; and essays from Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and journalist/co-conspirator Byron Coley. The band’s eighth official album, Dirty reflects the influence of touring partners such as Mudhoney and Nirvana; indeed, the team behind Nevermind – producer Butch Vig and mixer Andy Wallace – helped to craft an explosive, intense yet melodic rock album which would become arguably the band’s most commercially and critically successful work to date.

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Noise/Math-Rock, Rock/Indie/Garage

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