Slift – Ilion – VINYL 2LP


Colored vinyl : Red with Black Smoke, Loser Edition
EAN : 0098787162608

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SLIFT’s ILION is a towering work of rock music, a steamrolling record that starts at the highest peak and never lets up. If that sounds overwhelming, trust that this Toulouse trio have you in good hands. Their third full-length feels massive and oceanic, merging the furious intensity of metal and the wigged-out guitar heroics of psych rock with post-rock’s epic sense of scale. ILION is the kind of music where you listen to it and think to yourself, “This came from only three people?” It sure did, and SLIFT’s utter ferocity is way more than a tempest in a teacup. It reaches outwards for miles and creates new zeniths within unforeseen horizons of rock. […]


A1 Ilion
A2 Nimh
B1 The Words That Have Never Been Heard
B2 Confluence
C1 Weavers’ Weft
C2 Uruk
D1 The Story That Has Never Been Told
D2 Enter The Loop

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