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“One Less Heartless To Fear” was recorded live in Louisville, Kentucky at Skull Alley on June 19th, 2009 – except for “Axons” & “Half A House” which were recorded live at the O-Nest in Tokyo, Japan on April 2nd, 2006.

Louisville multi-track recording engineered by Brian Lueken. Brian coordinates mobile recording projects through Louisville live sound engineered by Kevin Ratterman. Tokyo stereo recording and live sound engineered by Tim Iseler of Chicago, Illinois. Mixed June 10th & 11th, 2010 at The Funeral Home in Louisville by Kevin, Brian & Shipping News [except J___ ]. Mastered by Kevin at The Funeral Home. Vinyl LP plated by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Artwork by Dan McCarthy. To see more of his excellent work visit: Layout by Shipping News. Letterpress LP and CD Covers printed by Dexterity Press / Jeff Mueller, currently of some damn Yankee town.
Thank You, Gentlemen.

Shipping News consists of four Live Humans: Jeff Mueller plays electric guitar and vocalizes on “Axons” & “Bad Eve”. Jason Noble plays electric guitar and vocalizes on the rest except “Half A House”. He labors under the false belief that this is jazz. Kyle Crabtree plays drums, though at times it seems the drums are playing him. Todd Cook plays three different electric bass guitars on this recording, though only two by choice. Fuck You to thieves in San Antonio, Texas.

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