The Sandwitches – Our Toast – VINYL LP

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Label : Empty Cellar Records – Ref Label : EMP 023 – Style : Rock/Indie/Garage – Année : 2015 – EAN13 : 65 50 35 042 312

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The Sandwitches are a band straight out of a David Lynch film. Wide eyed beauties, hardened against the cold San Francisco air, voices bellowing like the capricious winds, sometimes low and meandering, sometimes high and haunting. Roxanne Youngs drums ramble through song after song with a strange, unpredictable and perfect lightness, while near-moans and sky-high melodies collide in a soundtrack to the end of the world. Songs on this record deal with the most playful moments in a new love, the most charming parts of decay, the heart wrenching feeling of impending doom at the dawning of something new. This record is a seamless followup to their previous release, Mrs. JonesÕ Cookies, a record teeming with, for the most part, a spirit possessed by possibility; pure and potent potential. Our Toast is a causal record; the beautiful, raw comedown. The spell has been broken and this new batch of songs lingers in the space between. The Sandwitches took songs born of universal anguish to create a record blooming with whimsical notes on a life thatÕs changing chapters. Emily Rose (Ty Segall Band)

Tracklist :

1 Sunny Side
2 Play It Again Dick
3 Sleeping Practice
4 Dead Prudence
5 Miggy
6 Island Jam
7 Personal Hell
8 Wickerman Mambo
9 Nothing But Love

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