Saint Vitus – Born Too Late – LP


Label : SST – Ref Label : SST082-LP – Style : Doom/Sludge/Drone – Année : 1986 – EAN13 : 1 88 61 008 219

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Saint Vitus were thee premiere American doom metal act of the ’80s. Along with Trouble, Pentagram and the Obsessed, Vitus were pioneers of true-Doom Metal. They were one of the first to fuse the behemoth riffage and bleak atmosphere of Black Sabbath with the desperate aggression of punk rock ala Black Flag. VOCALS- SCOTT WEINRICH (WINO) GUITARS- DAVE CHANDLER BASS- MARK ADAMS DRUMS- ARMANDO ACOSTA PRODUCED BY CARDUCCI AND VITUS ENGINEERED BY MIKE LARDIE RECORDED AT TOTAL ACCESS STUDIO, REDONDO BEACH, CA


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