Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels (colored : orange) – VINYL LP


Orange Transclucent Colored Vinyl
EAN : 8720623489090
Released : 2013
Reissue : 2022

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“Even for those of us who go all the way back to “8 Steps to Perfection” and “The Whole World”, it’s starting to feel like El-P and Killer Mike have always been talked about in the same breath. The connection makes a kind of retroactive sense going back to their early 2000s solo debuts, Fantastic Damage and Monster. Both albums seethed with the anxious funk of retrofuture 808s-and-synths production that rattled trunks and cages with unrestrained intensity. And both portrayed the artists as out-of-control forces trying their damnedest to stay true to friends, family, and hip-hop while confronting disenfranchisement, abuse, and cynicism. That their creators would gravitate towards collaboration makes even more sense now than it does with hindsight in mind, as the 1-2 hooks to the head of Cancer for Cure and R.A.P. Music shared not just a producer and a timeframe, but the kind of catharsis-fueled defiance that career no-sellout vets live and breathe. (…)” –

Tracklist :

Run The Jewels 3:30
Banana Clipper 2:51
36″ Chain 2:52
DDFH 3:05
Sea Legs 3:40
Job Well Done 2:59
No Come Down 3:28
Get It 3:00
Twin Hype Back 3:12
A Christmas Fucking Miracle 4:21

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