Queens Of The Stone Age ‎- Era Vulgaris – VINYL LP


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“I’m one of a kind,” Josh Homme boasts on the new Queens of the Stone Age album. “I’m designer!” Well, that’s one way to put it. There aren’t any others like him, that’s for sure, and he’s never been an easy one to figure out. Here’s a rock star who seems to shuffle his band’s lineup as often as he shaves his back, yet who always sounds like himself, making fun of solemn art types but working harder than any of them. He manages to be the token metal dude for indie kids and the token punk for headbangers, without compromising for either camp. Homme makes music in all kinds of incarnations — the Queens, Eagles of Death Metal, his endless Desert Sessions projects. But he always seems to inhabit his own musical world, a zone where lost kids chase the desert acid-trip vibe of classic Seventies midnight movies like Vanishing Point and Two-Lane Blacktop. Really, the scene in Vanishing Point where the naked hippie chick cruises across the desert sand on her Harley, blasting Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen,” could be the starting point for every song on this album.


Tracklist :

A1 Turnin’ On The Screw 5:20
A2 Sick, Sick, Sick 3:34
A3 I’m Designer 4:04
A4 Into The Hollow 3:42
A5 Misfit Love 5:39
A6 Running Joke 2:57
B1 Battery Acid 4:06
B2 Make It Wit Chu 4:50
B3 3’s & 7’s 3:34
B4 Suture Up Your Future 4:37
B5 River In The Road 3:19
B6 Run, Pig, Run 4:40

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Rock/Indie/Garage, Stoner/Grunge

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