Protomartyr – No Passion All Technique – VINYL LP


Reissue with Bonus Tracks
EAN : 0887830015417
Released :  2012
Reissue : 2019

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No Passion All Technique is the debut album by American post-punk band Protomartyr. Released through Urinal Cake Records in 2012, the album went quickly out of print and subsequently became a “collector’s item”. In May 2019, the band reissued the album with bonus tracks.

Tracklist :

A1 In My Sphere
A2 Machinist Man
A3 Hot Wheel City
A4 3 Swallows
A5 Free Supper
A6 Jumbo’s
B1 Ypsilanti
B2 Too Many Jewels
B3 (Don’t You) Call Me Out My Name
B4 How He Lived After He Died
B5 Feral Cats
B6 Wine Of Ape
B7 Principalities

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