Primate – Draw Back A Stump +3 – CD

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Released: 2012

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The sound: Just think raw, hardcore brutality. The overall sound comes from five guys with five different backgrounds melding it all together into a single focused beam of chaos. Kevin brings years of grind and punk into the mix from his Brutal Truth and Venomous Concept projects, but adds a little taste of the south coming from his Atlanta roots. Add to that a little of Billy K’s technical brilliance, along with a solid punk background and you get complex harmonies on top of brutal riffage. Dave pulls out a couple decades of hardcore punk thunder and a solid grindcore base coming from his background of solidifying Atlanta punk and hardcore bands Timebomb77, The Despised and grindcore legends Otophobia. Mike adds brutality and technicality from his days w/ The Despised, Otophobia and his current other band Javelina. Then tying it all together is drummer Shayne who hails from a couple decades of hardcore punk roots playing with and writing for Atlanta’s The Despised, Bloody Sods and playing with NYC’s Virulent Strain.

The writing is done by everyone in the band so everyone’s styles are interjected to create a solid blend of “stoner grind meets Swedish/Japanese hardcore…”

The vision:
Kicking ass and flinging poo….

Don’t think that because of who’s in the band we’re going to sound just like any one of our other bands. Sure, there are elements of Mastodon, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, The Despised, Otophobia, Javelina and others in our writing, but this band is a unique creation completely separate from any of those bands. The whole reason we started this band was to do something different and new. If you want to hear one of our other bands that’s great, buy that band’s album. If you want to hear what happens when a bunch of monkeys start playing brutal hardcore/punk with stoner metal and grindcore parts listen to PRIMATE! You won’t be disappointed!

Kevin Sharp – vocals
Mike Brennan – guitars
Bill Kelliher – guitars
Dave Whitworth – bass/vocals
Shayne Huff – drums

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