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Born in a basement, based in London, the first outing of PRE had the entire audience locked outside, watching through barred windows from above. To the assemblage up top, it was clear that these five noise sprinkled nu-wavers had already figured it out – sound moves quicker in high pressure.In the months that followed, PRE’s rhythmically infectious skip-alongs were demonstrated on a flurry of releases. The band’s debut 7″ EP “Treasure Trails” caught ears by surprise and wouldn’t let go. A rash of vinyl came in quick succession, pairing the band up with acts like AIDS Wolf, Dmonstrations, Bardo Pond, and Comanechi.And now, weighing 14 songs and coming in just over 20 minutes tall, “Epic Fits” will be born on September 4th. Recorded in a chilly pizza storage unit with Westminster Brown at the controls, PRE’s full length is cold sweat caught on two inch tape. Those initial moonbeams shining through the barred basement windows have been caught – meticulously sliced and diced – and reflected back in a brilliant, buoyant strobelight. Guitar, bass, bass, drum and moon shriek: PRE make the noise jump.

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