PJ Harvey – Dry – VINYL LP


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If PJ Harvey had her way, she would have made her public debut on Slint’s Spiderland. At age 20 or so, she answered the Kentucky five-piece’s call for a female backing vocalist, but never heard back. In one way, you can imagine it: both subtly violent acts from their respective south, with the accents to prove it. But even at the turn of the 1990s, the idea of Polly Jean Harvey bringing up the rear is hard to fathom—her Westcountry leer would have unleashed the devil incarnate into Slint’s whispered intimations of evil. Instead, Harvey’s debut single, which came nine months after Spiderland, in December ’91, confronted the danger of fulfilling someone else’s ideal. […] pitchfork.com

Tracklist :

Oh My Lover 3:57
O Stella 2:36
Dress 3:18
Victory 3:15
Happy And Bleeding 5:03
Sheela-Na-Gig 3:12
Hair 3:45
Joe 2:35
Plants And Rags 4:08
Fountain 3:52
Water 4:32

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