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Pixies and 4AD celebrated the 25th anniversary of Doolittle with the release of Pixies: Doolittle 25 – an expanded edition of the classic album that brings together all the album’s B-sides, Peel Sessions and demos for the first time, with nearly half of the tracks having not been commercially released before.


B Sides
A1 Manta Ray 2:40
A2 Weird At My School 1:58
A3 Dancing The Manty Ray 2:14
A4 Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) 3:02
A5 Into The White 4:43
A6 Bailey’s Walk 2:24

Peel Sessions 18/10/88
B1 Dead 3:18
B2 Tame 1:58
B3 There Goes My Gun 2:18
B4 Manta Ray 2:15

Peel Sessions 02/05/89
B5 Into The White 4:11
B6 Wave Of Mutilation 2:31
B7 Down To The Well 2:14

C1 Debaser 3:00
C2 Tame 2:10
C3 Wave Of Mutilation (First Demo) 2:04
C4 I Bleed 1:46
C5 Here Comes Your Man (1986 Demo) 3:07
C6 Dead 1:35
C7 Monkey Gone To Heaven 2:52
C8 Mr. Grieves 1:42
C9 Crackity Jones 1:21
D1 La La Love You 2:08
D2 No. 13 Baby Viva La Lomo Rica (First Demo) 2:17
D3 There Goes My Gun 1:29
D4 Hey (First Demo) 3:22
D5 Silver 2:11
D6 Gouge Away 1:42
D7 My Manta Ray Is All Right 2:30
D8 Santo 2:17
D9 Weird At My School (First Demo) 1:53

Original Album
E1 Debaser 2:51
E2 Tame 1:56
E3 Wave Of Mutilation 2:04
E4 I Bleed 2:34
E5 Here Comes Your Man 3:21
E6 Dead 2:21
E7 Monkey Gone To Heaven 2:56
F1 Mr. Grieves 2:05
F2 Crackity Jones 1:24
F3 La La Love You 2:43
F4 No. 13 Baby 3:51
F5 There Goes My Gun 1:43
F6 Hey 3:31
F7 Silver 2:25
F8 Gouge Away 2:43

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