Pig Destroyer- 38 Counts Of Battery (colored) – VINYL LP


Second Press
2013 x Red with Black Smoke Standard Gram

EAN : 0781676488216
Repress 2023

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Extreme sound nihilists PIG DESTROYER deliver savage grindcore that is both intentionally confrontational, and thoroughly pummeling. 38 Counts of Battery is still an intense register of the band’s work as ever. Fully remastered and available on LP for the very first time, 38 Counts of Battery features the remastered ‘Explosions in Ward 6’ album, tracks from the highly sought-after (and sold out) split with Isis, their scalding demo, and much more.

Tracklist :

A1 Jennifer
A2 Cheerleader Corpses
A3 Scatology Homework
A4 Trojan Whore
A5 Ghost Of A Bullet
A6 Heart And Crossbones
A7 Strangled With A Halo
A8 Intimate Slavery
A9 Mapplethorpe Grey
A10 Tickets To The Car Crash
A11 Naked Trees
A12 Sheet Metal Girl
A13 Preacher Crawling
A14 Pornographic Memory
A15 Murder Blossom
A16 Body Scout
A17 Snuff Film At Eleven
B18 Hyperviolet
B19 Starbelly
B20 Junkyard God
B21 Piss Angel
B22 Jennifer 2
B23 Unreleased Untitled

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