Coalesce – OXEP – VINYL LP


Colored Vinyl : Metallic Silver White Galaxy

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COALESCE returns with new reissues of their classic records! From the thrilling debut Give Them Rope, which NPR hailed as “an underground milestone that helped pioneer what was soon called “metalcore.” to the highly influential sophomore full length Functioning On Impatience, the collection of reissues spans the band’s career, highlighting COALESCE as one of the most innovative bands in extreme music.

Tracklist :

1. Oxe to Ore 01:22
2. The Blind Eye 02:38
3. Joyless In Life 02:06
4. To My Ruin 04:30
5. Absent In Death 02:36
6. Through Sparrows I Rest 02:23
7. Ore to Earth 00:44

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Metal, Punk/Hardcore

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